What is Web Maintenance


  1. Ensure content on the web site is current
  2. staff changes
  3. product changes
  4. special events
  5. when a special event is done get it off the site!
  6. Sales, flyers, catalogues
  7. new products
  8. new information
  9. latest press releases
  10. pricing changes
  11. clearance items
  12. ensure images load quickly (image optimization)
  13. Ensure links to pages and other sites work properly
  14. follow up on feedback to improve site
  15. Ensure content is spelled correctly
  16. Study web site statistics to insure traffic visiting your site
  17. review reports from counters that can tell you how people found you (search engine, directory, supplier)
    what OS, browser, screen resolution, country of origin and more!
  18. make your site accountable to you.

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